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Viceroy of Magic Making

List of My Favorites

Favorite Color – Purple
Favorite Pastime – Tie Dying
Chinese Animal – Chicken

Hey there! My name is Marie and I am a mother, a climber, a frequent adventurer and a lover of nature and the great outdoors. I was born in Ohio but I have lived in Florida my entire life. In my spare time I love hanging out with my family, going on random adventures and taking day trips. I love being outdoors barefoot. That’s right, barefoot! It feels so incredible to feel the dirt, or sand, in-between my toes. The feeling of grounding and being close to Earth is so soothing. The only gadgets I really know how to use are my trusty cameras and lenses. Other than that, I use my intuition and compassion to help me create wonderful moments for couples in love on their most special day together. I thoroughly enjoy bringing in the magic and allowing nature help me create memories that last lifetimes.

On most nights you will find me editing away on photos of couples connecting; people in love being grounded in each other. I get to capture people in love in nature with family and friends, and showcase the most elegant and wonderful moments of that special day. It truly, honestly brings me joy! 

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