To Recite Or Not To Recite

To recite or not to recite, that is the question.  Many couples who venture to Florida for their beach wedding are contemplating this same question.  Do we do the “repeat after me”? Or should we write our own wedding vows? The choice is as difficult as picking the perfect beach wedding location.  Repeating wedding vows is an option for a traditional or a contemporary ceremony. 

Some couples feel pressured into writing their own vows because it appears to come more from the heart.  But I assure you, when you are repeating those vows while you are gazing at your partner during a romantic sunset beach wedding, the vows touch the heart of the couple who are promising to love one another fora lifetime.

What is great about opting for the traditional wedding vows is that you still get a choice.  Many beach wedding packages offer various wording options, which allow each couple to still individualize the ceremony.  Choosing more traditional vows also alleviates any pressure to make the wording perfect.  While you are on the beach, exchanging a solemn promise to one another, the last thing you want to do is stumble over your own words.

On the other hand, there are those couples who want to show their devotion to their partner in a more personalized way by choosing to write their own vows.  A beach wedding is already intimately romantic, but couples can add to the romance by not only addressing the promises they will make to one another, but also the memories of their lives together.  Many couples add in a cherished memory or troubled times as a reminder of the connection they have with one another. Personalized vows may take a little time and patience, but can add that special touch to any ceremony.

Many couples get creative with delivering their vows.  If you are personalizing your vows in anyway, think about delivering them in a memorable fashion. Customize your vows by typing them on parchment paper and keeping them in a bottle. Purchase, or even better, find a conch shell and have your wedding vows engraved on it or write on it with permanent ink. This will add a definite tropical beach feel to any beach wedding. It’s also a beautiful memento.  If you are a more modern couple, read your vows from your smart phone.  Want a keepsake for this option? Text your partner your vows and print it out as a photograph to be framed.  There are many creative options when it comes to keeping your vows special.

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