Prior to booking your date with Sun and Sea Beach Weddings, we’re here to help you with any questions or concerns about the following:


As pricing is the number one inquiry we get from couples prior to booking, we’ve made it easy to see what your dream wedding might cost. 

  1. Start by checking out our ceremony packages page. Our packages range from the simple to the  all-inclusive, with offerings for just the ceremony or the reception as well.. 
  2. Next, explore our Design Your Own Wedding tool. From there you can select one of our packages and make modifications, or even build one of your own. You’ll also begin the process of booking your date. Nothing is set in stone, so  you can make any necessary modifications later with your event manager.


When planning your wedding, location matters. Beach weddings have a naturally romantic ambiance due to stunning sunset views, sparkling blue waters, and that feeling of sand between your toes. We do the work for you by selecting beach wedding locations that are perfect for saying “I do.” Ask yourself: Which beach location works best for your budget and timing restraints, as well as travel – for both yourself and your guests? While you can get a head start by checking out our beach wedding locations page, also consider the following when deciding on a final location: 

Logistics: What is your plan of action, and how can we help? Do you have an aesthetic or style you’re going for? What about flowers, accent touches and quality fixtures? 

Photography: While some clients might prioritize a sunset backdrop for their ceremony, others might prioritize certain photography backdrops like rocks.  A lot of clients do not know exactly where they want the ceremony before booking, and that is OK. We can guide you through our favorites once the event manager is assigned.  


Availability is especially important to check, as our calendar can fill up – specifically on popular dates. To book the date that best aligns with your dream wedding, we recommend making a reservation as far in advance as possible. 


So, you’ve officially booked with Sun and Sea Beach Weddings and saved the date. Congrats! Amid the excitement and anticipation, we’re sure you’re also wondering what happens next. 

Once we get your booking online, we will begin working behind the scenes to get things settled on our side. This means setting you up in our system, generating contracts/invoices, creating questionnaires to help you make more detailed choices, getting you on our calendar, and reserving the staff.  

Your event manager begins all these things before reaching out, so not hearing from us right away is normal. If you’re booking over the weekend, the weddings in the field might prevent us from finishing this until Monday.  

Once our event manager has you set up, they will reach out with a welcome email to schedule a first call. You can also use the link sent by the planner to check their availability and schedule the best time for you to begin the process.  

The following items are typically discussed on a first call:

  • Location
  • Times
  • Design Elements
  • Colors
  • Lodging
  • Hair recommendations

Our Planning Process

Sun and Sea Beach Weddings has planned thousands of weddings (and counting) over the last 15 years, so you could definitely say that we treat it as an art form.

No Hassle Planning, No Surprise Fees

Given the nature of destination weddings, most of our clients rely on us to really take the reins, especially because they have so many other things to plan for. 

We’ve designed our planning process to be remarkably simple and efficient.  While traditional planners might charge a $2,000 fee just for the planning aspect alone, we find this unnecessary, as our high level of experience provides for easy planning.

Custom Packages for Your Unique Needs

In the rare case that a couple wants to spend more time planning, we offer custom packages.

These various packages do require different amounts of time to plan. For example, our Simply Romantic package is often a couple’s only elopement, and can be fully planned out in one call.  

Our Beach House Bliss package, on the other hand, has a lot more planning time built in, as this all-inclusive package has a lot more details to iron out.  

After your first call with your event manager, the planning will be more reactive until we get closer to the big day. This means you can always reach out to your assigned point of contact.  

However, if they do not hear from you, they will only reach out when we get to points in the planning phase in which we might need selections or details confirmed to move forward. So, if you do not hear from us, do not panic — it just means we have what we need for the time being and nothing is outstanding.