Trust our team with your Florida commitment ceremony.

At Sun and Sea we appreciate and celebrate the decision of two people in their commitment to join their love, lives and families under their own definition of a union, without the contract of marriage. No forms, no fuss. With a Sun and Sea Commitment Ceremony, no marriage license is needed. It’s a public declaration that your lives together have been, and will continue to be, better than two lives apart and that your union has purpose and that purpose is acknowledged by a dignified commitment of two adults to share in life-long goals and dreams.

Affirm your love with a commitment ceremony.

The celebration of this type of union is no different than one of a common marriage. A Sun and Sea Commitment Ceremony draws from the same purpose by creating the dream wedding with beautiful decorations, music, chairs, flowers — whatever else you would see at any beach wedding. It is your wedding – affirming the love and commitment between two people who choose not, or cannot, legally marry.

Surprise your partner.

Since commitment ceremonies are not legally binding, they allow for flexibility in choosing to honor traditional wedding customs or creating unique rituals that pay tribute to you and your partner’s relationship. Select the beach wedding package that fits your style, pick your date and call or email us to reserve your event.

We at Sun and Sea believe that love has no boundaries and no set definitions. We want to provide a celebration for all unions, for anyone to glorify and affirm their love in the company of their family and friends, or a simple intimate exchange between you and your partner.  We invite you to include any children in the ceremony…for some it’s the bringing together of two families in this public affirmation.  That is the beauty of the Sun and Sea Commitment Ceremony…it is yours by design.  It is what you make it, what you want it to be. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this joyful event.

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