Sun and Sea Beach Weddings offers a full spectrum of wedding and event floral decor.  All of our floral arrangements are fresh and made in house at our design studio. Our floral services include bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, bridal party floral, hair pieces, presentation bouquets, and centerpieces. Give your special day the right pop of color by choosing one of our floral arrangements.

Custom Garden and Wildflower

Our most popular bouquet category.  Garden bouquets with heavy greenery have been very trendy and popular over the past few years.  A heavy focus on an earthy feeling and organic shape give these bouquets the romantic feel that many of our couples are after.  While garden bouquets can have any color accent – deep reds, blushes, soft pinks, greens, and ivory are the most common choices.

Our Wildflower bouquets are stunning.  The floral count tends to be higher on these vs the heavy greenery in the garden bouquet.  Colorful and charming, this style bouquet can be matched with any of our wedding packages. There are many Wild Flowers that can contribute to a beautiful bridal bouquet. Sunflowers originated in North America and have transformed over their centuries old journey to become the plant we know today. One of the first crops to be grown in North America, they were picked by hunter gatherers as a natural source of fat. The seeds could be ground up and mixed with flour to make bread, much like the pita variety we eat today. Their size and stunning color make them a rustic and dramatic addition to any bouquet.

In English history, the Daisy was referred to as Day’s Eye, and this name was a reference to the way the flower opened and closed with the sun.  These ray-like flowers typically come in a range of colors including pink, yellow, orange, red and purple.  Daisies have positive connotations, and their meanings include: innocence, purity and beauty, and because of their dizzying array of bright colors they come in, they also symbolize cheerfulness.

Tropical and Orchid Bouquets

Below are samples of our most popular orchid and tropical wedding bouquets. Some flowers are delicate and cannot withstand the heat, humidity, wind, and salt air. Coming in numerous colors, shapes, and sizes, these eye catching tropical flowers hold up well on the beach. Cymbidium orchids are among our favorite flowers; the vivid green shade of this orchid is absolutely breathtaking. Purple and Blue Dendrobium orchids have also been tremendously popular.  Their brightly colored petals have amazing contrast against the coast. Oncidium orchids are commonly found in yellow and are typically used in conjunction with other orchids or florals.

The name of the Calla Lily is not only a common name that never is used professionally, it is also totally deceiving since the Calla Lily is neither a calla nor a lily! First cherished as a celebration of light, today the Calla Lily has become one of the most desired flowers used to celebrate a wedding day. It is associated with the lily as a symbol of purity and as such, these spectacular flowers are beginning to rival the rose in popularity for bridal bouquets. The Calla Lily, originally from the continent of Africa, is rich with history, and it is an elegant and colorful flower to enjoy on any occasion. The Calla Lily’s bloom is a show-stopper, and its wide range of colors make it a special flower to enjoy.

Rose Bouquets

Below are examples of fresh rose bridal bouquets  If you select one of Sun and Sea Beach Weddings ceremony packages, you have the option to either select one rose color or to upgrade your bridal bouquet to a custom order. Rose bouquets are a classic choice for bouquets. Not only do they come is numerous colors, they are very hardy and hold up well against the elements. To make things even better, rose bouquets are typically more affordable than most other flower options. Click on gallery below for details on each bouquet.

Fresh Flower Aisle

Looking to complete that elegant or rustic look for your upcoming Florida or Georgia Beach Wedding?  Sun and Sea Beach Weddings offers a full line of fresh flower aisle to match any color combination or theme. Below are just a few example of previous couples selections. From glass tubes, mason jars, to decorative glass, we offer numerous options for both chair hangers and Sheppard hook arrangements.


Sun and Sea offers centerpieces in conjunction with our reception coordination.  Work with you planner to design and style your perfect table top decor.  Set the WOW factor with unique arrangements and colors.