Congrats, you’re officially booked! Amid the excitement and anticipation, we’re sure you’re wondering what happens next. 

We will begin working behind the scenes to get things settled on our side. This means setting you up in our system, generating contracts/invoices, creating questionnaires to help you make more detailed choices, getting you on our calendar, and reserving the staff.  

Your event manager begins all these things before reaching out, so not hearing from us right away is normal. If you’re booking over the weekend, the weddings in the field might prevent us from finishing this until Monday.  

Once our event manager has you set up, they will reach out with a welcome email to schedule the first call. You can also use the link sent by the planner to check their availability and schedule the best time for you to begin the process.  

The following items are typically discussed on a first call:

  • Location
  • Times
  • Design Elements
  • Colors
  • Lodging
  • Hair Recommendations

If you have any questions before your first call, feel free to reach out on our live chat or contact us!