St. Augustine Yacht Club
Historic Beauty

St. Augustine Reception Venue

A Truly Unique Reception Venue

Most of our couples are looking to capture the Florida experience with their wedding and reception.  This means grabbing what makes the sunshine state so popular and adding it to the overall ambiance of not only your wedding, but your reception too.  The natural beauty of St. Augustine is stunning and the St. Augustine Yacht Club embodies all the aspects of an indoor/outdoor reception venue.  The St. Augustine Yacht Club is Sun and Sea Beach Weddings favorite choice for a reception in the oldest city.  This location sits directly on the Salt Run overlooking stunning scenery.  In the distant view is Anastasia State Park, a perfect choice for a beach wedding of all sizes.  The extended dock overlooking the salt run, gives your guests the perfect escape into Florida’s natural beauty.

St. Augustine Receptions, St. Augustine Yacht Club Weddings

 A Space To Enjoy

This reception venue adds the active space that is so hard to find.  Your guests will have so many places to enjoy your special day.  The inside of the yacht club houses the main bar and a place for your guests to grab a drink or snack.  The connected deck is permanently covered and typically used as the main event space.  The music and dance floor are set up here to give your guests the chance to join in on the fun and excitement.  The wrap around porch and lawn, overlooking the waterway, allow for a walk around the premises to stretch the legs and take advantage of the views.  The St. Augustine Lighthouse sits directly behind the venue.  Looking east gives you the view of the picturesque waterway, and looking west gives the view of a remarkable historic lighthouse.  And finally, the dock is the ideal escape for your guests wanting to chat or listen to the water and wildlife.  The reception venue truly adds the Florida flair and is unique in the North East area.

St. Augustine Yacht Club Receptions, DJ Services, Wedding Planning

Sun and Sea Beach Weddings’ partnership with the St. Augustine Yacht Club adds a full spectrum of services for our future couples.  Full service wedding and event planning, professional DJ services, wedding rentals, floral design, lighting, coordination, and photography are all available in house through Sun and Sea.  Why work with numerous vendors when you can have one team handle it all.  Removing the stress and burden from our couples is our job.  Allow the staff of Sun and Sea, partnered with the St. Augustine Yacht Club, to make your day unfold exactly as you desire.

For History on the Yacht Club Click Here.

Here are some maps that outline the mechanical layout of the reception venue and the surrounding area.  The St. Augustine Yacht Club is ideal for weddings and reception up to 175 guests.  The 40×40 covered deck allows for open sides for perfect weather, or sides down in case of a shower.  For pricing and policy details please Contact Us.

St. Augustine Yacht Club Reception Venue

Watch the video below for a Drone experience of the SAYC!