A La Carte: Adding a Special Touch

Details are what make a wedding truly your own. Our A La Carte items add personal, delicate details to your special day on the beach. Among the A La Carte items, some favorites are the unique guest book, wedding signs, and message in bottle wedding vows.

The unique Stone Guest Book is a perfect keepsake from your wedding day. Rather than signing a tradition guest book, everyone who attends your wedding will sign a rock with their name and a personal message for the bride and groom. The Stone Guest Book is set up on a rustic table that looks beautiful among the beach landscape. The stones, after being signed, are placed in a glass vase, allowing glimpses of the names and personal messages to be seen. The Stone Guest Book is a perfect memento
that will look elegant in your home for countless years and will serve as a reminder of all the loved ones who shared in your wedding day.

The Wedding Signs we offer are a great detail to personalize your beach wedding. The signs give direction to your guests as well as serve as a cute way to have a handwritten message to congratulate the bride and groom, display a favorite quote, or even display an itinerary for the rest of the day. These signs are tasteful and elegant and will create a welcoming feel to the beach as your guests arrive.

The idea behind a message in a bottle is romantic and timeless, so why not recreate this romance by adding the detail of Message in a Bottle vows? Two bottles will be placed in the sand near the bride and groom, as if washed on shore, their wedding vows printed on parchment rolled up inside. When it is time to exchange your vows, you will unroll the parchment from the bottle and exchange your promises
to one another. This intimate detail is one that will certainly be remembered by you and your guests.

Sun and Sea Beach Weddings wants your wedding to be as personal as possible. These details allow for you to add your own touches to your day while staying true to the beach venue of your ceremony. Whether you are looking for something as delicate as starfish hair clips or something as elegant as a ceremony table, our A La Carte items will satisfy your desire for detail.