Fun Additions to Your Florida Beach Wedding

Fun additions to a Florida beach wedding….

Blissful views and relaxing sounds are a given at any beach wedding, but so are shimmering guests. A Florida beach wedding in the spring or fall is accompanied by a gentle ocean breeze; however, a beach wedding in the summer can be a bit warmer for your guests depending on the time you select.  To accommodate those who are not used to the heat, consider turning your wedding programs into a fan. Fans are great for outdoor weddings, so why not turn your wedding programs into a useful tool. There are various options for the fan, so you will be able to find one that matches your personality. If you want to add splashes of color to the wedding and the beach, then simply tie an adorning ribbon to the end of each fan as a keepsake for your out-of-town guests to take with them.

Adding another personal touch to your St. Augustine beach wedding is having personalized water bottles. It’s going to get hot on the beach, no matter the time of year or day. Make sure your guests can hydrate while admiring the views from St. Augustine’s Anastasia State Park down the shoreline to Fort Matanzas’s beaches. You can create your own labels at home or order them through a company. Either way, it is a special touch to your special day and will keep everyone feeling refreshed.

If your guests plan on hanging out on the beach with you while your photographer creates memories, then offer them some fun entertainment. Have a few beach type activities available to entertain the guests as they wait. Kites are fun for all ages and are easy to get going in the wind, especially on the long shoreline of St. Augustine. Depending on the style of kites, they could even make for a great background for the photographer. Have a few Frisbees and ball tossing items, as well. A few sand toys are a must if you are having smaller children at a beach wedding. Those will help the parents keep them entertained in a flash.

St. Augustine’s beaches can be quite expansive and depending on the tide, it can take a long walk just to reach the ocean. Wearing shoes to a wedding is, of course, a requirement, but not to a beach wedding! Part of the fun for your guests is savoring the luscious sand under their feet. But after the sun sets and everyone has gracefully made it back to the boardwalk, how do you get all that sand off of your toes? Keep the comfort of your guests in mind before they get to the beach wedding and offer them a shoe drop off. Set up a shoe drop off point (because really, who wears their loafers, sandals, and heels on the beach) under a creative chalkboard sign. Next to it, place a pail (metal pails are very classy) with small paint brushes in them. Add a touch of class by tying a ribbon on the brush. Viola! Everyone can dust off their toes before heading to the reception to celebrate the new union.

When planning your beach wedding, keep in mind your guests and try to make them feel as comfortable as possible so they can truly appreciate the beauty of the moment.