Jill and Ramsey At St. Augustine Yacht Club

Jill and Ramsey Oliveri were beautifully married on the covered porch of the historic Saint Augustine Yacht Club this past weekend. The Club, opened in 1873, offers a historic, sophisticated, as well as relaxed wedding venue. The bride and groom chose the wooden arbor as their decoration, with accents of ivory, lavender, and sage flowers. With hopes of sunshine, Jill and Ramsey had originally planned to have the ceremony on the lawn, but decided against it when the weather called for rain.

Instead, the arbor was set up on the covered deck where the dinner and reception was to be held later that evening. This setup worked in favor of the couple as well as the guests. Everyone attending was able to sit at their assigned tables during the ceremony, an isle was lined with flower arrangements, and their backdrop was still of the Salt Flats as it would have been originally. Jackie’s officiating made the guests laugh and recognize the sincere love between Jill and Ramsey, and when “you may now kiss the bride” was spoken, Ramsey couldn’t stop kissing Jill which radiated pure joy and excitement for the beginning of their life together.

After the ceremony, the guests were ushered into the dining room of The Club to begin a cocktail hour while Jill and Ramsey took time to take pictures with photographer Vania. The pictures came out wonderfully as the sun peaked out from behind the clouds and offered Vania light to work with. So they didn’t miss out on the food they had chosen for cocktail hour, Sun and Sea wedding coordinator Vicky made plates and had them waiting at the sweetheart table for the new Mr. and Mrs. Oliveri. When their photography session was over, Jill and Ramsey were formally introduced as husband and wife and had their first dance to All of Me by John Legend. A buffet-style dinner followed and guests were pleased with the attentiveness of the bartenders as well as the servers.

The Oliveri wedding is a perfect example of how well a wedding can work even if the weather doesn’t match up to the original plan. Jill and Ramsey were overjoyed with the setup of their arbor on the covered deck. Their attitude towards the last minute change made the wedding more enjoyable for everyone involved. The Sun and Sea team sends their best wishes to Jill and Ramsey and were so glad they got to be a part of their special day!