Make Up on the Beach

On any normal beach day, ladies really know better than to wear makeup. But your wedding day is far from normal. It is a given that you will be wearing more make up than you normally would. Face it – literally – you have to wear more in order for it to show up in the photographs. However, you probably cannot wear your every-day make up. A Florida beach wedding requires some major waterproof applications.

The first item that you will want to try before the big day is the foundation. You need something with a little SPF and something that can withstand high humidity of Florida’s beaches.  If you are doing your own make up, then go to department stores and have a few make up sessions to see what you like and how to apply it. Professional makeup artists should know what is best for beach weddings how to apply this foundation properly and have a variety of colors available to you. If you are not having a practice run, then make sure you communicate your needs in advance.

After the foundation is settled (no pun intended), then you can choose the best waterproof mascara, liner, eye shadows, and blush. If you can’t get some of this in waterproof, then try not to touch your face once the makeup is on.  Instead of choosing an actual lip stick, which can smear with the humidity on the beach, consider using a lip stain and placing a light balm on top of that. The stain is waterproof by nature and will last all day as you and your new husband pose for fabulous, memorable wedding pictures.

You want to look your best on your big day and you should. Planning for the beach conditions may take a little time, but you will be extremely happy that you did.

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