A St. Augustine Beach Wedding: Vanessa and James

Vanessa and James were married on the River to Sea Preserve in Saint Augustine this past weekend. The wedding took place at six o’clock, which gave the bride and groom golden sunlight shedding on their ceremony space. The River to Sea Preserve is a breathtaking, secluded beach that allows for a wedding party and guests to enjoy an intimate venue while also enjoying the vastness and romance of the ocean. River to Sea Preserve also has unique rocks that line the beach which Vanessa and James utilized during their photography session with Sun and Sea photographer Nick.

When the ceremony began, Vanessa walked down the sea grass-filled dunes with her escort and looked stunning in a satin, halter dress. She met her fiancé, James, under the two post bamboo arbor with nautical knot décor in Malibu blue. The ceremony was intimate with close family and friends attending. The bride and groom participated in a sand ceremony with five children, which will serve as a beautiful reminder of their family’s special day together.

After the ceremony, Vanessa and James seemed overjoyed to have been joined together in marriage. Their photographs show how truly in love they are and the venue of River to Sea Preserve offered various spots where pictures could be taken. The water, dunes, and rocks promise a variety of photographs to be in the couple’s wedding gallery. Since the wedding was later in the day, the sunset of a pink and periwinkle sky complimented the bridesmaid’s blue dresses, the groomsmen’s blue shirts, and the bridal bouquet made up of hot pink roses, mini calla lilies, and pink lilies. The sunset also gave a gorgeous ending to Vanessa and James’ wedding ceremony.

The Sun and Sea team sends wishes to Vanessa and James and were so happy to share their special day with them.