Terry and Cheralyn: St. Augustine Beach Wedding

Terry and Cheralyn were recently married on St. Augustine Beach at the Hampton Inn Oceanfront.  This bride wore a stunning red dress that made a contrasting impression against the soft white sand.  The couple traveled all the way from Louisiana to get married on the historic beaches of St. Augustine, Florida.

The St. Augustine Hampton Inn Oceanfront is a very popular lodging choice for our couples.  This venue sits directly on the beach and has wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean.  The beach behind the hotel is absolutely perfect for beach weddings, elopements, and vow renewals.  With the depth of this beach, tide is never an issue.

The St. Augustine Yacht Club is also a very short drive from this hotel.  Numerous guests have decided the makes these two venues their choice for lodging and a St. Augustine Reception.

The staff of Sun and Sea Beach Weddings would like to wish this lovely couple many great years to come 🙂