What Shoes Should I Wear?

Beach weddings are meant to be a standout occasion. And you should make sure you know the right shoes to stand out in on the beach. You have the perfect dress picked out and now you need to concentrate on the right shoes for the destination wedding.

High heels, although totally sexy, just do not work on a beach. Even if you think you can pull it off, there is no way that you will be able to keep your balance while you make your way across the sand dunes to your beloved. You must consider other options.

A fabulous alternative that will still give you some height is the wedge. This shoe comes in so many cute styles that are perfect for a beach wedding. The practicality and comfort will be a hit with you and your bridesmaids. An espadrille style wedge will also add a more relaxed touch to your bridal party. One recommendation is to stay away from satin shoes because they do not look too pretty when they get moist.

Some ladies shy away from height for a number of reasons, including the uncoordinated factor. For those of you who find height a bit more challenging, or do not wish to find out if it is, then opt for some spectacular flat sandals for your beach wedding. Ease and grace are the highlights of these shoes. Plus, there are so many choices with color and adornments. What fits a beach wedding more than fancy flip-flops? The only reason to be slightly wary of this option is the flip up factor – meaning sand may get flipped up your dress if the sand is extremely loose.

Getting closest to nature at your beach wedding would mean going barefoot. But you do not have to leave your feet completely bare. The hottest beach wedding trend is foot jewelry. From pearls or ribbons to shells or jewels, there are countless selections of this unique footwear. This also makes for adorable pictures with your bridesmaids. This fashion trend is best for sand that is not laden with coquina shells, though.

Fair feet or bare feet is a choice you will need to make for your beach wedding day. Don’t stress too much, though, it’s going to be an amazing day.