How Do I Choose My Flowers For My Beach Wedding?

Flowers are a significant component to any wedding.  They add an important quality and beauty to your beach wedding because they will show up in all your pictures. They are also a very important accent to the wedding dress. If you are planning a destination wedding, remember that you need a company like Sun and Sea Beach Weddings that has years of experience in helping the Bride choose the appropriate flowers for her wedding. Our advise to you would be to make sure you choose very hardy flowers due to the wind, salt air, heat and humidity. Roses are a very hardy flower and come in almost any color you can imagine. Also, you can combine colors and add crystal accents. One of our favorites is Stargazer Lillies. Not only are they hardy, but they have the most wonderful aroma! If you love the exotic, tropical flowers can be expensive. However, ask about cymbidium or dendrobium orchids, they are relatively inexpensive, always available and a very tropical look. Green cymbidium orchids are gorgeous! They accent almost any color. Or, you can choose them in white. Every bride has her idea of what her bridal bouquet will be. So, here at Sun and Sea Beach Weddings, we have an entire floral department that is dedicated to our brides only!  Whether you choose a simple but elegant rose bouquet or go all out with one of our gorgeous tropical bouquets, we are committed to give you not only the flowers you have dreamed of, but the wedding of your dreams!

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