Castillo de San Marcos Weddings

Looking for a unique space for your upcoming wedding?  Castillo De San Marcos is the oldest masonry fort in North America.  The fort was built over 340 years ago by the Spanish to protect the waterways around St. Augustine.  The age and timeless beauty of the fort adds depth and drama to any event. 

For years Sun and Sea has performed weddings and events at the Fort.  It is one of our favorite spots to both decorate and photo.  After dinners and entertainment are logistically easy with the fort being located right in the heart of the historic district.  A horse and carriage ride can also be reserved to carry the couple to the destination post ceremony.

Getting Married at Castillo De San Marcos — What You Need to Know

You truly can step into another century for your wedding ceremony at Castillo De San Marcos. Before you choose your fairytale ending at this historic wedding venue, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Photography: The stunning landscape surrounding the Fort provides multiple layers for photography. The St. Augustine lighthouse can be seen in the backdrop along with the waterway and large mason wall.
  • Fees: There is an application fee of $100 and a ranging cost of $60 per hour to have a wedding at this location.
  • Availability: The Fort does not perform weddings until after park closing, which is normally after 5pm. This means we are not permitted to do morning weddings, only late afternoon. Also, the Fort does not permit ceremonies on holiday and special event weekends.

We’ll take care of all the important details for your Castillo De San Marcos wedding to make sure it’s picture-perfect and everything runs smoothly. Our expert team of planners, designers, and decorators is well-versed in creating wedding ceremony experiences at Castillo De San Marcos.


Plan Your Castillo De San Marcos Wedding

If you’re looking for a unique wedding with a gorgeous backdrop, stunning photography, and ambiance of romance, Castillo De San Marcos might be the perfect place to start your forever. Whether you choose from one of our packages or custom design your wedding, you can feel confident that your wedding vision will be brought to life.

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