St. Augustine Beach Weddings

River to Sea Preserve is a beautiful natural beach 15 minutes south of St. Augustine. Just over the Matanzas Inlet and right near Marineland,  The Marineland area offers seclusion from the main tourist areas of St. Augustine, while keeping the trip back to the nation’s oldest city a logistical breeze.  River to Sea Preserve has numerous venue benefits to consider and is one of Sun and Sea Beach Weddings favorite locations.

The natural setting of River to Sea Preserve is ideal for photography. Without buildings on the beach, the surrounding dunes and sea grass are unobstructed, making this a perfect spot to diversify your wedding gallery.  The rock formations and jetties of River to Sea Preserve add just the right diversity to your wedding gallery.  Our design team really favors using the rocks are a backdrop to your wedding arbor or decorations.

Sun and Sea Beach Weddings highly recommends this location for any Florida Beach Ceremony.  Give us a call today to discuss River to Sea Preserve or other location options along the coast of Northeast Florida or Southern Georgia!