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Jacksonville Beach Weddings

Jacksonville, Florida is the largest city land wise in the United States and is packed with history and culture.  Jacksonville was founded and named after President Andrew Jackson.  There are many reason why traveling to Jacksonville is popular for your beach wedding or ceremony.

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Set Sail Out Of Jacksonville

The Jacksonville Port offers cruises to the Bahamas at great rates and the access from Jacksonville Beach is just a hop, skip, and a jump.  Numerous brides and grooms travel for a Jacksonville Beach Wedding prior to their honeymoon cruise.  A beach wedding offers more flexibility than trying to get married on the cruise ship.  It also comes with a better value.  Photography is also a huge thing to consider.  An open natural beach setting is ideal for photos.  An inside area on a cruise is not.

You Won’t Be Bored Here

Jacksonville Beach offers plenty of nightlife, restaurants, and lodging options.  The Casa Marina Hotel is a popular choice for any couple.  This historic hotel is a great choice for a beach wedding and offers an amazing sky lounge.  The Hampton Inn Jacksonville Beach offers reasonable rates, great reception space, and an amazing grotto pool, a huge hit for kids.

Jacksonville Beach has  many popular venues: Oceanfront Park , The Hampton Inn Oceanfront, The Marriott Courtyard, and Casa Marina Hotel are just a few.  Jacksonville Beach is known for beautiful beaches, white sands, and a nightlife atmosphere. You will never be bored staying in Jacksonville Beach! And to top it off, a beach permit is not required for this area!

No permit fee.

Popular Wedding Locations Along Jacksonville Beach

  • Hampton Inn Jacksonville Beach/Oceanfront – The Hampton Inn is one of the most popular spots to get married on Jacksonville Beach. This oceanfront resort-style hotel is newly renovated, including the guest rooms and lobby. With over 4,000 sq.ft. of flexible event space, including a stunning ocean view deck, and onsite catering, they can make any beach wedding reception a dream come true. Call for details. Click for more information about Jacksonville Beach accommodations.
  • Marriott Courtyard Oceanfront – Another great choice on Jacksonville Beach for a all in one ceremony.  Stay here, have your ceremony, and reception all in the same spot.  The staff here at the Marriott are very accommodating.
  • Casa Marina Hotel – A beautiful historic hotel and restaurant that sits on Jacksonville Beach.  A great but sometimes pricey choice for a beach ceremony.
  • Beach Access Point at 1st and 13th Ave North – Tucked between two high rise condos, this beach access point is popular for locals who do not need lodging.
  • Oceanfront Park (1st Street South between 5th & 6th Avenues) Call to discuss other locations