Florida Beach Elopement Packages

Why Should You Elope to Florida?

Eloping is not for every bride and groom, but for many, it is exactly what they need.  The beaches of Florida offer the ideal setting for an elopement.  The soft sand between your toes and the sound of water crashing onto the shore, make for an ambiance that is hard to match.  Florida also offers the perfect destination for travel, food, and activities.  St. Augustine is the nationals oldest city, and adds rich culture to any visit.  If you want your Elopement to be adventurous, fun, and most important stress-free, come on down to Florida.

Eloping is about making your wedding fast, fun and stress-free.

Florida is known for being a laid-back state.  The North East Beaches of Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Amelia Island, and Palm Coast are all easy access from the Jacksonville Airport.  We also are close to our Georgia cousins, and a Florida Beach Elopement is easy to arrange from this distance.  We have numerous beach wedding and elopement packages to choose from.  The size and scope of your wedding are completely up to you.  With our Build Your Own, you determine what is included in your elopement package.

Let us help you pick the perfect package.

Sun and Sea Beach Weddings will assist in providing you with a “Just for Two” elopement package, an “Intimate Affair” package for your closest friends and family members, or a “More the Merrier” package for a festive celebration on the beach with all who can attend.  The locations are numerous.  Ponte Vedra Beach is know for it’s upscale community and golfing.  Palm Coast is a quiet resort town.  Jacksonville Beach is the choice for Brides and Grooms looking for a night life during their travels.  And St. Augustine is the ideal balance of all three with an addition of rich history.  Jekyll Island, Georgia, while across the Florida/Georgia border, is one of the most romantic beaches on the North East Coast.

Florida beach elopements are the trend and for a good reason.  Drop the stress of the traditional wedding, and come visit us here in the Sunshine State for the elopement you have always dreamed of.

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